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Greetings To All Spiritual Seekers!

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Marie Antoinette Larotonda (yes, my parents did name me Marie Antoinette...).  After a very brief introduction to Astrology and the writings of Edgar Cayce during highschool, I truly began my spiritual journey in 1992.  At that time I was living in New Jersey.  One day I came across a newspaper article that announced a seance would be held at a haunted museum that was originally a tavern from the Revolutionary War.  My experiences that evening got me hooked on metaphysics and spirituality and I've never looked back.

At that seance, I met a woman who guided me to the New Jersey Metaphysical Center.  I began taking their metaphysics and spirituality classes and attending the NJMCs lecture offerings, as well as private classes with their director.

Concurrently I attended several spiritual conferences (94-95) at the Center for Research and Enlightenment (Edgar Cayce) in Virginia Beach, VA.

At that same time I practiced Reiki, and healing with my hands ultimately led me to enroll in The Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder, CO.  After graduation in Dec. 97 I began practicing massage and energetic bodywork in the Boulder/Denver metro area until August 2003.

Boulder, Colorado is a new-age mecca!  In January of 1998 I enrolled in the clairvoyant training program at Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder and this is where I honed my intuitive abilities.  I received my ministers license, teaching certificate and so much more on so many levels.  The training I received there enabled me to initiate my psychic reading, healing, and teaching career, and is the bedrock of my work today.

I also belonged to Intuitive Partners, LLC in Boulder (a psychic/healers group) during 2000-2003.

Eventually, my zeal for life-long learning led me to relocate to Northern California in August of 2003 where, in July 08, I completed a 5 year course of study in trance mediumship and channeling with the Aesclepion Healing Center of San Rafael, CA.

I maintain my psychic reading and healing practice in San Rafael, CA and offer in-person and long-distance sessions.  I also teach intuitive awareness trainings and self-healing meditation on a wide variety of topics.  Please call (415) 717-8080 to schedule an appointment or get on my emailing list for the teleseminars!


Marie, The Spirit Guide

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